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Best Binocular Harness | Guide & Reviews

Are you looking for any very useful and fairly inexpensive binocular carrier that can make all the variation between you enjoying your day or spending it fumbling in the order of juggling your equipment? After analyzing many years, we discovered some best binocular harness which you may consider to use for your regular birding, hunting, hiking or any kinds of outdoor adventures.

In fact, it will remove complete stress from your neck and shoulders while you’re in an adventure and free from both of your hands as well. Eventually, it is most useful to carry other equipment with them in the field for example travel guide, bird book, photographs and so many useful things.

After evaluating and comparing so many things including size, strength, durability, comfort, complexity, and price, we found following best binocular harnesses which you can compare against each other.

Top 5 Best Binocular Harness Reviews

Before discussing on top rated binocular harness, you have to know about their classifications. There are mainly two different types for securing your binoculars to the harness.

  • Quick-Release: The quick-release type harness attaches to the binoculars quickly than the other one. Most people like this sort of binocular harness.
  • Snap-On: You usually have to attach metal rings to the neck strap anchors of your binoculars as they aren’t wide enough for the snap-on attachments.

Vortex Optics Binocular Harness Strap

best binocular harness

Vortex Optics will be one of the best binocular harnesses if you are seeking something simple but decent and reasonable. Practically it’s built to be compact and just right for hunters.

Highlighted Features:

  • Regarding Strength: Vortex Optics is great enough to support most lightweight binoculars. If you are using big and cumbersome binocular, we recommend choosing another one from the below. Another reason is it’s durable to hold your binoculars for an extended period.
  • Regarding Comfort: it’s not pretty much comfortable when you have higher expectations. So in like manner, the straps aren’t manufactured to reduce the pressure on your shoulder. Although it’s much better than any ordinary straps, you’ll feel some weight while using the Vortex Optics.
  • Regarding Design: you’ll surely like the design in which it is built. It is looking stylish and rugged and apparently giving you the relaxed feeling while using it.
  • Regarding Price: it’s pretty much cheap and at an affordable budget.

Bushnell Deluxe Binocular Harness

best binocular harness

In general, Bushnell Deluxe is one of the best binocular harnesses if you are looking for a most economical binocular harness. It’s the cheapest one among the five binocular harnesses which we reviewed in this post.

Highlighted Features:

  • Regarding Strength: the harness is still quite good though it’s very inexpensive. However, if you are using big and cumbersome binocular, we recommend choosing another one from the below. It does an outstanding job for long lasting also.
  • Regarding Comfort: it’s much comfortable to use while compared to Vortex Optics. The weight is better to spread out to all over the body while using it.
  • Regarding Design: it is honestly classic and stylish. It’s suitable for all kinds of people but little bit wired while matching your dress with the design of the harness.
  • Regarding Price: it’s inexpensive but decent.

Butler Creek Bone Collector Binocular Harness

best binocular harness

Butler Creek Bone Collector is the best binocular harness solution for extended carry. It’s very flexible and comfortable at an affordable price. The best part of this supportive harness is that significantly reduces perceived weight of your binoculars.

  • Regarding Strength: the harness is quite good. It's supportive elastic straps are adamant and good quality. It does an outstanding job for long lasting also.
  • Regarding Comfort: it’s very comfortable as spreads the apparent weight of your binos via four elastic straps and a form-fitting of X panel. Also, it provides extra security to the binoculars as compared to other regular binocular harness.
  • Regarding Design: it is very stylish and easily matches to your dresses.
  • Regarding Price: it’s inexpensive but decent.

Leupold Quick Release Binocular Harness


Leupold is well known for manufacture quality tactical and hunting gear. The Leupold Quick Release is absolutely another best binocular harness in this list. Though it's a basic harness, quite comfortable to wear and ease of use.

  • Regarding Strength: the harness is good enough. The straps are completely adjustable, and it will stay tight and secures your binoculars snug to your chest—even on horseback.
  • Regarding Comfort: it’s very comfortable and guaranteed to fit. Also, it provides extra security to the binoculars—no matter what size or brand of your binoculars.
  • Regarding Design: it is very classy and having an innovative form-fitting back panel. It very eases of use for all kinds of individual.
  • Regarding Price: it’s very cheap and unique.

S4Gear LockDown Binocular Harness

best binocular harness

S4 Gear LockDown is the best binocular harness among this entire list that comes with an extra protection backpack. In comparison, it will provide you extra comfort, protection and great support of a full-size harness.

  • Regarding Strength, it’s adamant, and your binoculars fit comfortably in the case on the front. The binocular case connected with the shoulder straps and to both around the sides to prevent bouncing which called 'Anti-bounce technology.' It is made to be long-lasting and no problem to carry heavy binoculars.
  • Regarding Comfort: the straps padded with a cushion which providing a comfortable experience during use. The pressure is significantly reducing until a particular level. As a result, you don’t even feel any weight when you are carrying something on your back.
  • Regarding Design: it’s obviously starter than any others. You’ll surely like it for the partial case, which is not only easy to use, but also provides extra protection against moisture (waterproof top) even with the open sides.
  • Regarding Price: it’s cheaper than any other similar products and almost half the price of Badlands Bino X.

Final Words

To conclude, any of the above mentioned best binocular harnesses would surely meet your expectations regarding your budget. All those have some specialty with unique features, and honestly, you will amaze while using any of them instead of a strap.